We are entering new territory.
In the Weinviertel.

The climate has changed. The drought of recent years has presented us with new challenges – and opportunities. That is why we have rethought our organic farming, faced the facts and activated our spirit of discovery.

In 2017 we planted the first trial field with organic peanuts. Then came steps forward and steps back, earth under your fingernails and many more experiences that you have to have for a new adventure.

Today we proudly produce the very first and very unique organic peanut butter (you can also say peanut butter or peanut cream) from the Weinviertel.

Nominated for “Farmer of the Year 2024” by Ceres/DLV

Organic Product of the Year 2021 & 2022 (BIORAMA)

Great snack with
proteins, vitamins & minerals.

added value in agriculture

100% organic peanuts & a bit of salt.

Weinviertler Organic peanut butter / peanut butter

100% organic | 100% vegan | 100% peanuts & a little salt | 0% clumps

Get ready to break new ground! With every glass of our organic peanut butter (you can also say peanut butter) you get a piece of Weinviertel on the table.

How does that taste? After finely roasted peanuts and a little salt.

Why isn't it needed anymore? Because we don't believe in artificial flavors, preservatives or other lumps.

we do more Our labels are made from grass paper, recyclable and compostable. Not only save water, but also CO2 and chemicals. In addition, we rely on plastic-free shipping material. Everything from Austrian companies.
The majority of the work is done by hand by ourselves and thus we keep the greatest possible added value in agriculture.

Creamy 210g – €8,80
Crunchy 210g â€“ 8,90 € – Sold out
Without salt 210g – €8,80

Weinviertler Organic peanuts - shelled

Our peeled peanuts are available in three variants: unsalted and the gesalz.
Together with a touch of organic rapeseed oil and Austrian salt, our salted peanuts are simply the perfect snack. While the unsalted versions are 100% pure natural freshly roasted peanut flavor.
Whether enjoyed as a snack or as a topping on your favorite dish, our shelled peanuts are simply irresistibly crunchy and delicious. Including red skin – which is high in antioxidants.
With the zipper closure it’s also easy to reclose!

Roasted & Unsalted 120g – €3,3
Roasted & with a bit of salt 120g – sold out
Roasted & Salted 120g – €3,5
Roasted & Without Salt 750g – €17 – Sold out
Roasted & Without Salt 2000g – €39 – Sold out
Roasted & Salted 750g – €18 – Sold out

Weinviertler Organic peanuts in the shell

Our peanuts were roasted in their shells and packaged ready for you.

Taste wonderfully natural and finely roasted.

In the shell (roasted) 320g – €4,9 
In the shell (roasted) 1000g – €14,9 

Individual products are currently sold out - please sign up for our newsletter - we will let you know as soon as they are available again

Where can you get our organic peanut butter / peanut butter?


You can find our products at Get the Schönkirchen village shop
Gänserndorferstrasse 1a, 2241 Schönkirchen
Daily 5 a.m. – 23 p.m. (self-service)
Alternatively, contact us by phone/email

Attention: No sales on the main street. 22, 2215 Raggendorf


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“We are taking the work and the future of our agriculture into our own hands – with new ideas.
Try a lot and observe even more - it was worth it!
Regional. Vegan. Gluten free. Resource-saving. Yummy."

Roman & Stefan Romstorfer
Organic farmers from the Weinviertel

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We send background information, current dates, recipes and much more in our newsletter.

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