You're in the mood for a quick, simple but incredibly delicious snack. Let's go!
You don't really need anything for this quick recipe, but it tastes incredibly good!


Bit of peanut butter creamy
Couple of peanuts
1,2 or 3 bananas
Bit of chocolate (whether milk or bitter)
pinch of salt
1 drop cooking oil
(if you want) jam


1. Remove our roasted peanuts - add a little oil and refine with salt

2. Cut banana

3. Peanut butter on top

4. Salted peanuts on peanuts on top

5. (if you like) with jam or our grape jelly on top

6. Chocolate on it - but don't do it like I do and put baking paper underneath 🙂

7. Off to the freezer or just snack on it!


5 - 10 minutes "cooking time" and that's it for this ingenious dessert or as a madness in between 🙂